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“A completely cloud-based solution for all employees”

Simplifying our daily business routines and enhancing collaboration between our colleagues are guiding principles for thyssenkrupp Elevator. Rob Lewis, Program Delivery Manager GPI, explains why cloud-based IT solutions are essential for our global business and what will change for the user.

The journey of SIMPLIFICATION through digitalized workspaces continues. After successfully rolling out Office 365 and Skype for Business the next milestone lies ahead: The Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud Solution for all tkE employees including Teams and OneDrive. spoke with Rob Lewis about the advantages of this new solution. Rob, Windows 10 is primarily an Operating System. Normally the user does not experience many new applications after updating to a newer version. What is different this time?

Rob: Office 365 with its core functionalities was the beginning of the Our Digital Workspace initiative. Now coming up with Windows 10 brings noticeable speed improvement in comparison to Windows 7 and 8 and keeps up major improvements in security. The main difference to it former versions: Windows 10 will be a completely cloud-based solution for all employees and not locally managed as former versions. Understood. But how does that help the user?

Rob: All updates, system adjustments and set-ups will be managed via the Microsoft thyssenkrupp cloud. That means, your local device like your laptop will become an access point to the cloud only. Your personal set up and programs can be access from anywhere, in any region and from any device. VPN connections will be established automatically without smartcards. Also, the system maintenance will move into the cloud and the local IT infrastructure with many incompatibilities will disappear. That means I can work from anywhere and I won’t need a local device for example when I want to connect to the local network?

Rob: You don’t have to log in from a particular workstation or device to get access to your files and you also don’t need to be physically in the office or logged into your work network. Windows 10 brings a real Single Sign On and breaks therefore up the silo structures. That’s a major benefit. And it also includes OneDrive for Business which operates as your virtual hard drive in the cloud and global file access. Could you maybe tell us more about the MS Teams tool. We have heard that Microsoft will end the service for Skype for Business. Does Teams offer the same functionalities?

Rob: Indeed – MS Teams will replace Skype for Business, Go to Meeting, and WebEx as the main conferencing solution. Additionally, and that is the main benefit, it offers streamlined collaboration and jointly working on documents with Word, Excel and other applications. We as the GPI function are proud to be an enabler for these state-of-the-art collaboration opportunities. Currently, Skype for Business does not show our colleagues from Asia Pacific in the address book. Will this problem will be resolved with the introduction of Teams?

Rob: This issue is mainly related to different Office 365 tenants which are still in place. In the near future, we will only have one thyssenkrupp tenant and Asia Pacific will be fully integrated. All these facts sound very promising. When will cloud-based Windows 10 including all application be available?

Rob: The pilot projects start in spring 2020. We are happy to provide you with further details as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for this interview, Rob.