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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Customer Information

Customer Information: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, thyssenkrupp Elevator has instructed its U.S. and Canadian employees who have the ability to work from home to do so for the time-being. At this time, our offices will remain open with only the essential staff needed to keep fundamental operations running. This directive does not include our employees who manufacture, install and maintain elevators. As an essential service provider in the critical infrastructure sector of the United States as defined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, we fully recognize and appreciate our role as a trusted service provider. We remain committed to fulfilling our obligations to our customers while supporting the needs of our employees.

Because our priorities remain rooted in health and safety, in addition to the work-from-home directive, we are also adhering to CDC guidelines and implementing critical social-distancing practices. This includes restricting business travel, ceasing all in-person meetings and temporarily suspending the requirement of customer signatures for our service technicians.

In the reality of today’s world, we recognize that the flow of information from our health organizations and governmental entities play a critical role in everyone’s decision making. We will continue to actively monitor those sources and update our policies and procedures accordingly. In the meantime, we encourage you to regularly check back here for updates.

Finally, while the current situation is truly out of anyone’s control, we will continue to support our employees while working to minimize any inconvenience to our customers. We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding and stay safe.

[Status: April 21, 2020, 09:55 a.m., subject to change without notice]

Monitor your elevators from any location

MAX Plus 90-day offer

To help customers manage their buildings while practicing social distancing, we’re offering the first three months of MAX Plus at no charge (and waiving the $249 activation fee).

You’ll get:

  • Real-time notifications through our mobile app or email when your equipment shuts down
  • Instant access to your equipment status through our redesigned online Customer Portal
  • The ability to quickly place service requests with the touch of a button
  • Access to elevator performance data, helping you make smarter building management decisions and answer tenant inquiries

For thyssenkrupp customers with MAX installed on your elevators, MAX Plus is part of our new MAX Digital Services packages and normally costs $10 per month.

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Social Distancing Service for destination-based dispatching

Social Distancing Service for Destination-based dispatching

thyssenkrupp Elevator is now offering a Social Distancing Service with traffic monitoring for our AGILE and Destination Dispatching elevator systems

Included with our MAX Pro digital service package for AGILE or Destination Dispatching (DD) elevator systems, we change your AGILE or destination dispatching software to limit passengers assigned to each elevator car.

Learn more >

Social Distancing Service for conventional dispatching systems

Social Distancing Service for Conventional dispatching

thyssenkrupp Elevator is offering Social Distancing Service with traffic monitoring for conventional dispatching on our traction TAC32T and TAC50-04 32-bit elevators as well as our hydraulic TAC32 elevators.

If your building only has two landings, we also designed a solution in which passengers don’t press a car call button to move to the next floor. This process now becomes automatic.

Included with our MAX Pro digital service package for our traction and hydraulic elevators, we encourage social distancing by limiting the number of passengers allowed on the elevator based on its size.

For traction elevators, learn more >

For hydraulic elevators, learn more >

Toe-To-Go (T2G) foot-activated elevator call buttons

Toe-To-Go (T2G) foot-activated elevator call buttons

To prevent germ transmission, we’re offering Toe-To-Go (T2G) foot-activated elevator call buttons by MAD Elevator Inc. Press your shoe on these hall or car station buttons to call the elevator or select your floor, and receive a hands-free elevator experience.

T2G’s are easily retrofitted to existing elevator installations and come in stainless steel or brass finishes. Tenants and building guests will appreciate the new touchless way of operating your elevators.

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Copper elevator buttons

Copper elevator buttons

To reduce the risk of germ spread inside your elevators, thyssenkrupp Elevator is offering BS Copper pushbuttons.

These naturally self-cleaning and vandal-resistant buttons are fitted with an untreated copper insert. Copper is being incorporated into healthcare facilities, educational institutions and mass transit to supplement infection control practices.

The buttons are easily retrofitted into existing elevators. No changes are needed to the contact and wiring. Tenants and building guests will appreciate your efforts to provide safer and cleaner elevators.

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Elevator air purifier using NPBI technology

To help provide clean and healthy air inside elevators, thyssenkrupp Elevator is offering the GPS-FC24-AC™, an air purifying device using Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) technology — a technology that uses an electronic charge to create a plasma field with a high concentration of positive and negative ions. This device, manufactured by Global Plasma Solutions, Inc. (GPS®), safely and continuously cleans elevator air without producing harmful byproducts.

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Elevator air purifier using NCC technology

To provide continuous elevator disinfection while helping reduce disease transmission in buildings, thyssenkrupp Elevator is offering the CASPR 200e — a Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) unit for elevators. These units are manufactured by CASPR™ Group.

Using the Natural Catalytic Converter™ (NCC) technology, consisting of a special UV light and photocatalyst target, the unit produces oxidizers that operate as natural purifiers inside your elevator. The oxidizers find and eliminate many indoor air pollutants and pathogens without generating ozone.

Learn more >

Escalator Handrail LED UV-C sterilization module

Escalator handrail UV-C Sterilization module

thyssenkrupp Elevator is offering the UV-C Handrail Sterilization Module from EHC Global, Inc.

Installed in the interior of the escalator or moving walk, the module uses UV-C wavelengths to continuously eliminate microbes from the handrail surface. Studies have shown UV-C wavelengths to be effective against bacteria and viruses through penetrating their cells and damaging the DNA or RNA containing their genetic code.

By being internally mounted, this module eliminates risk of:

  • Entrapment of fingers or clothing
  • Damage from impact or vandalism
  • Obstruction of ingress or egress access

We’re ready to install these simple, smart and effective devices on your escalator or moving walk handrails.

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