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Taking the rush out of rush hour

Imagine commuters at a metro station, battling the crowds to get to work. Or travellers at an airport you’re currently working on, weighed down with luggage, rushing to catch their flight. They all need a dependable and efficient transportation system to get them to their train or plane safely and on time.

At thyssenkrupp Elevator, our mobility solutions help you do just that. From high-capacity elevators to heavy-duty escalators, moving walks and passenger boarding bridges, our barrier-free systems help you manage pedestrian traffic and stay in charge. They help commuters and travellers feel safe and calm.

Short transfers, changes in schedule, ridiculously busy rush hours – we understand the stress and time pressures that always accompany public transport. Our industry-leading solutions help you manage these challenges by delivering best-in-class conveying performance, the highest reliability and constant availability.

We also work with you to find the right solution to retrofit and modernise your aging system, whether it’s made by a competitor or us. Through our global service network, our highly skilled professionals will keep your new or retrofitted system operating at peak performance for years to come.

Our infrastructure and transport products

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Passenger boarding bridges

Comfort, security and convenience

We work with airport operators worldwide to make getting on and off planes a stress-free experience. Our tailor-made gate systems enhance boarding efficiency, convenience and security. Our product portfolio includes solutions for virtually all aircraft types, ranging from the largest commercial jets to propeller and regional aircraft.

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Infrastructure and transport references

escalator heathrow airport london united kingdom

Heathrow airport

London, United Kingdom

Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport

Zurich, Switzerland

Beijing-Capital International Airport Terminal 3

Beijing-Capital International Airport Terminal 3

Beijing, China

Metro Barcelona, Barcelona

Barcelona Metro

Barcelona, Spain

Metro Amsterdam Oostlijn

Amsterdam Oostlijn Metro

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Shenzhen North Railway station

Shenzhen North Railway Station

Shenzhen, China

Hangzhou Metro Line 4

Hangzhou Metro Line 4

Hangzhou, China