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Velino Classic: Sophisticated simplicity

Velino Classic is the benchmark escalator for standard commercial applications. Whether you’re planning a hotel, office building or shopping mall, it offers the design options you need and the renowned thyssenkrupp quality you deserve. Together with the latest safety features and intelligent energy-efficient options, Velino Classic is the perfect escalator for your project.

  • 6

    Max rise (metres)

  • 30 | 35

    Inclination (degrees)

  • 800 | 1,000

    Step width (millimetres)

Velino Classic

Perfect for the following applications

Key benefits

thyssenkrupp quality

thyssenkrupp quality

We manufacture our products' critical components in-house, ensuring the highest quality standards for optimal reliability, comfort and safety.

Convenient product design

Convenient product design

Velino Classic' outer decking is perpendicular to the balustrade, making it possible to have one common decking with no gaps in between parallel units. It not only looks great but it also minimises the cleaning required.

Functional handrail newel

Functional handrail newel

Our semi-circle handrail newels make the turnaround perfect, reducing both noise and friction. This design ensures both greater comfort and a longer handrail lifespan.

Precious step positioning

Precise step positioning

Our unique step positioning creates a perfect step run for smooth travel. The step chain rollers are guided on a precisely manufactured track, providing a smooth step run for quiet and safe operation at all times.

A simply stunning escalator

Velino Classic offers stunning design options, enabling you to achieve a visually striking and balanced appearance. Virtually limitless design possibilities allow you to easily create a unique look and perfect fit for your project.

Tugela escalator - Aesthetic lights: Skirt band or balustrade

Aesthetic lights: Skirt band or balustrade

LEDs in light-diffusing channels, the full range of RGB colours and different modes of operation create stunning effects above the skirt band or under the handrail.

Tugela escalator - Safety lights: Step gap or comb plates

Safety lights: Step gap or comb plates

Blue or green step gap lighting, along with comb plate lights at the entrance and exit, ensures passenger safety and adds to your escalator’s visual appeal.

Traffic Light

Traffic light: Decking

The traffic light is located in the inner decking, ensuring high visibility at all times.

With Velino Classic's a wide range of RAL colours, you’ll find the perfect match for your application.

Velino Classic lets you choose between black or silver steps with or without yellow demarcation lines.

A variety of patterns and colours for combs and cover plates enhance passenger safety while ensuring a distinctive look.

Tugela escalator - Aesthetic lights: Skirt band or balustrade

Decking options

Velino Classic features a standard silver anodised aluminium decking. A stainless-steel option is more scratch- and mark-resistant for longer-lasting good looks.

Tugela escalator - Safety lights: Step gap or comb plates

Solid skirt design

The skirt comes in carbon steel with black safety painting as standard, or optionally in brushed stainless steel with or without transparent anti-friction painting.

Traffic Light

Attractive lateral cladding

Two lateral cladding options are available on request: brushed stainless steel or powder-coated steel sheeting (in white or silver).

Great product quality, simply delivered

Velino Classic is the result of sophisticated and smart engineering. When it comes to energy efficiency or product reliability and durability, our best-in-class solutions deliver simply great product performance.

Operation: A focus on sustainability

Energy efficiency class

Highest energy efficiency Class A+++

Based on the ISO 25745-3 standard and depending on your final configuration, Velino Classic delivers the highest energy efficiency.

Energy-saving options

Up to 90% reduction in energy consumption

Velino Classic’s LED lighting cuts energy consumption by up to 90%. Opt for different operating modes like intermittent operation or for energy-efficiency features like VVVF to further reduce the escalator's CO2 footprint.

The truss: Manufactured to last

One of the most important parts of an escalator is its truss. It provides the integral structure. Since you can't replace the truss, it needs to last the escalator's entire lifetime. That’s why we leave nothing to chance and take extra care when producing every truss.

Open profiles

Perfect corrosion protection

An open profile design makes it easy to verify the correct application of the double-layered anti-corrosion protection. Rigorous testing ensures durability over the entire product lifespan.

Internationally certified

Highest durability

Our angle steel meets the highest international design standards for welding, including EN 1993 and EN 1090.

Skirt design: Reduced parameters for increased functionality

The skirt plays an important role for safe operations, so international codes specify thresholds for rigidity and the gap between skirt and step. We agree, the skirt is nothing to lower one’s sight – that’s why our quality standards exceeding international ones.

Only 2.5 millimetre step gap

40% more rigorous for user safety

To reduce the chance of objects being trapped between the skirt and step, we designed a 2.5 millimetre gap that's approximately 40% more rigorous than leading international codes.

Rigid on flexibility

20% stronger rigidity

Strong skirt deflection increases the risk of entrapments, a major cause of incidents. That’s why we design our skirt with a 20% stronger rigidity than leading international codes.

Committed to passenger safety

As with all other technical or mechanical appliances, proper handling and use are critical to ensuring a safe ride. We know that safety can only be maximised if products are designed with user behaviour in mind. That’s why Velino Classic doesn't only comply with the latest international safety codes but also offers sensible safety options that are especially important to commercial applications.

Step up-thrust device
Step up-thrust device

Stops the unit if an object becomes trapped between steps: Helps prevent accidents involving i.e. buggies (buggy use not allowed on escalators for safety reasons)

Double shoe brake system
Double shoe brake system

Dual circuit-brake with individual brake shoes to compensate in the unlikely event of failures: Ensures a safe stop.

Skirt safety switch
Skirt safety switch

Stops the unit if something gets trapped between the step and skirt: Helps prevent accidents i.e with high friction footwear

Specifications Velino Classic
Max rise (metres) 6
Max capacity (people/hour) 6000
Inclination (degrees) 30 | 35
Application Commercial
Step chain roller Inside
Handrail drive location Truss
Handrail shape U-shape
Climate conditions Indoor
Nominal step width (millimetres) 800 | 1,000
Speed (metres/second) 0.5
Horizontal run (millimetres) 800 | 1,200
Transition ­radii
Top | Bottom (millimetres)
1,050 | 1,050
Balustrade Slim
Aesthetic lights Balustrade | Skirt
Traffic lights Decking
Safety lights Step gap | Comb plate
Drive unit Chain drive
Possible energy efficency class A+++

We reserve the right to make technical modifications to our products at any time and exclude all liability. Shown thresholds depend on configuration details and may vary in individual cases. Availability of options and features also depends on individual configurations. Illustrations aid the general understanding and may differ from the actual design.

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