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Innovations: Videos

MULTI - the world's first rope-free elevator system thyssenkrupp develops the world's first rope-free elevator system to enable the building industry face the challenges of global urbanization. MULTI is thyssenkrupp's latest offering in its extensive repertoire of elevator technologies, representing a landmark revolution in the elevator industry and a new and efficient transport solution for mid and high-rise buildings.

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ACCEL - Driving down connecting times at airports and metros ACCEL provides an efficient solution to the global challenges of urbanization. It alleviates traffic congestion by improving access to metro stations while attracting up to 30% additional passengers. In airport terminals, it reduces connection times between gates by up to 70%.

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MAX - Predictive elevator maintenance by thyssenkrupp Aiming to ease stress in the lives of over one billion people who use elevators each day thyssenkrupp is launching its Microsoft Azure IoT-enabled MAX to increase transport capacities in buildings. With the groundbreaking MAX installed worldwide, time savings for elevator passengers could be equivalent to 108 centuries of new availability in each year of operation.

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HoloLens - bringing new vision to elevator maintenance Using Microsoft HoloLens, our 24,000+ service technicians will be able to visualize and identify problems with elevators ahead of a job, and have remote, hands-free access to technical and expert information when onsite - all resulting in significant savings in time and stress. Empowering service technicians to do their jobs more safely and efficiently, HoloLens serves as a perfect complement to MAX, thyssenkrupp's game-changing predictive maintenance service for elevators.