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thyssenkrupp Elevator Technology | agile


Make your world more AGILE than ever

Introducing AGILE, a digital suite of next-generation enhancers to make your elevator system smarter.

AGILE improves urban mobility and life by bridging the gap between traditional elevators and those of the future. Its intelligent elements give ‘smart mobility’ a whole new meaning.

AGILE: an innovative family of elevator enhancers from thyssenkrupp that’s designed to make your elevator system quicker, smarter and more flexible.

Quick, smart and flexible mobility

AGILE transforms elevator systems into a seamless mobility ecosystem that’s smarter, faster, more flexible - so you and your passengers can be too. Instantly gathering and sharing data to provide everyone with more time, comfort and safety, fewer hassles and headaches.

AGILE is today’s peek into the future. A future of nimble connectivity that gives you greater:

• Control & efficiency

• Security & customization

• Comfort

Get it all with the AGILE suite of intelligent elevator enhancers.

Highly adaptable. Highly intuitive. Easily integrated into both new and existing systems.

Learn more about making your elevator system smarter today.