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Trade press, 2005-09-07, 10:31 AM

New TWIN Microsite

?Brilliant ideas are always fascinating?, is the first sentence of a new microsite on the ThyssenKrupp Elevator website.

The themed microsite uses flash animations to present the world of the TWIN ? the innovative elevator system in which two cars run independently in the same shaft ? explaining the technology of the TWIN system and highlighting its economic advantages.
In the interactive reports that first appear, various people relate their experience of the TWIN system. For example, the developer, a user and a customer explain the advantages of the TWIN from their perspective.

The second level deals with technical aspects. Linked to key words from the first emotional level such as ?More space?, ?Higher performance? or ?Identifying goals?, the advantages of the TWIN system are explained from various perspectives. Pictures of the elevator cars, the hoistway, the machine room and the destination selection control system give visitors an overall visual impression of the TWIN system.

There is also a TWIN game, which provides an opportunity to learn about the system interactively. Players perform the function of the destination selection control system, i.e. they have to assign each passenger to the elevator that will get them to their destination the fastest.

Various downloads are also available, including the TWIN product film, a TWIN screensaver and a TWIN brochure.

There are numerous ways of accessing the microsite. Visitors can click on the link on the ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG website (, or go to any of the following addresses: and .com, and and .com.