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Daily press, 2011-05-05, 09:34 AM

Debut for TWIN elevators in China

The innovative TWIN system from ThyssenKrupp Elevator has now made its breakthrough in the People’s Republic of China, one of the world’s biggest elevator markets. Under a modernization project, the Bayshore Hotel in the coastal city of Dalian is to be fitted with two TWIN installations with a total of four cabs, one new conventional elevator and a destination selection control system. The replacement of three of the eight existing elevators became necessary when they reached their capacity limit due to the steadily growing volume of passengers. Long waiting times and full cabs – especially in the mornings and evenings – were the result. The installation of the two TWIN systems in the 5-star luxury hotel with 403 rooms and suites will allow the transportation of significantly more passengers per hour without alterations to the building and without requiring more space.

When the modernization work is completed, a total of ten elevator cabs will be available to transport guests swiftly from floor to floor. To achieve a further time saving and optimize the flow of traffic, an intelligent destination selection control system will be used. Instead of selecting the direction of travel, passengers in the Bayshore Hotel will enter the floor they want to go to on a touch-screen or 10-key keypad before boarding the elevator. A central computer collects and processes all information entered and selects the most suitable elevator in seconds. This type of control system also has a positive effect on energy consumption by minimizing the number of empty trips made by the cabs.

The destination selection control system will also play a central role in the hotel’s security system. To select a floor via one of the terminals, passengers require authorization in the form of a room keycard.

Exclusively available from ThyssenKrupp Elevator, the TWIN system – in which two cabs travel independently of each other in a single shaft – is already being used successfully in various buildings in the UK, Spain, Germany, Russia and South Korea. In addition to the two systems in China, further TWIN elevators are currently in the installation or planning phase in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and Australia.