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Daily press, 2008-04-16, 09:00 AM

Debut for TWIN elevators in the Netherlands

ThyssenKrupp Elevator has won a contract to supply a total of 19 passenger transportation systems for the new head office of Rabobank in the Dutch city of Utrecht. As well as six TWIN systems with a total of twelve cabs – the first in the Netherlands – nine conventional elevators, an escalator, a platform lift and two freight lifting platforms will also be installed in the 105-meter glass office tower. The 28-story building will offer 56,000 square meters of space and house around 6,300 employees. Completion is scheduled for 2009.

The use of the modern TWIN technology, in which two cabs travel independently in the same shaft, allows architects to give the building a slimline design. Around 40 percent more passengers can be transported while saving valuable space. The TWIN principle is supported by the use of a destination selection control system. Via an LCD display passengers select their destination before entering the elevator – the intelligent technology directs them to the next free cab. Two of the conventional elevators being built in the new office tower will be designed so that they can each be converted into a TWIN system if higher capacities are required.

TWIN elevators are enjoying increasing popularity worldwide and are being installed in numerous buildings, including the BMW Group headquarters in Munich (Germany), the new Aqua Multiespacio building complex in Valencia (Spain), the TRUTEC Building and the Korea Investment & Security HQ in Seoul (South Korea) and as a panoramic version in the Main Triangel in Frankfurt/Main (Germany). The first eleven of a total 21 TWIN systems have already been installed in the new Moscow Federation Tower (Russia), where they will travel at speeds of up to seven meters per second. In the new Royal London Hospital (UK) the use of bed TWINs will ensure fast and sensitive patient transportation in the future. In Düsseldorf (Germany), the Sky Office will be the second building in the city – after the Dreischeibenhaus building – to be fitted with TWIN elevators.