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Trade press, 2005-07-21, 07:49 AM

Düsseldorf's latest high-rise office building GAP 15 uses elevators from ThyssenKrupp Elevator

From July 16, 2005, elevators from ThyssenKrupp Elevator will take over transportation duties in Düsseldorf's latest office building. Located at Graf-Adolf-Platz, GAP 15 consists of a 24-floor high-rise building and a 5-floor low-rise building. The special esthetics and successful combination of traditional and modern architecture in GAP 15 make it particularly attractive. The high-rise building is shaped like an ellipse and its entire outer facade is clad with glass. In contrast, the low-rise building is based on a 19th century former post office building, the listed northern facade of which has been integrated into the new structure. The two building parts are connected by a glass roof and a bridge.

As a result of its unusual shape and different uses, GAP 15 requires a highly individual transportation system. A parking garage occupies five basement levels, there are bistros and shops on the ground floor, the first floor will be used as a conference level, while the upper floors house over 40,000 m² of office space. To ensure that all building users, including around 1,600 office workers, can move between floors quickly and easily, ThyssenKrupp Elevator developed a transportation system specifically tailored to GAP 15. The elevators, 18 in all, have been integrated into the building in accordance with requirements. For example, a low-rise elevator group services the more frequently used lower floors, while a high-rise group covers the full height of the building. The elevators, some of which use curved shafts due to the orthogonal shape of the building, reach speeds of up to 3.5 m/s.

The building also features different types of elevator to suit different requirements. Evolution-type machine room-less elevators have been used for the parking floors. In the case of two installations that connect only the 22nd and 23rd floors, using the Evolution compact elevator system allowed the pit as well as the machine room to be dispensed with. The Evolution compact is particularly suited for use where space at the bottom is limited. As a result of various innovations in the car, instead of a pit it only requires a 300 mm deep recess. Furthermore, all elevator installations can be monitored and controlled electronically from a central location resulting in a significant increase in safety and customer-friendliness. In addition to passenger elevators, the building features freight and fire department elevators in accordance with transportation requirements and statutory provisions. This means that GAP 15 has a transportation system fulfilling all aspects of the building's high comfort and safety requirements.