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Customer Apps – promoting direct communication & transparency

Service and maintenance are the heart of our business which we are continuously striving to improve. Our goal: Optimizing our service experience to meet the standards of a digitalized world. To do so, we bring further value to our customers and enable them to track the status of elevator units – easily via Smartphone.

The necessary edge to succeed in a digitalized world

With a clear focus on service, we continuously work on strengthening our customer service and the expertise of our technicians. That’s why we started to develop and implement smart applications in order to succeed and uphold a competitive edge in the digital world – for our customers as well as for our technicians.

Our real-time predictive maintenance solution MAX was the first step to equip our products for the digital age and set the grounds for efficient and economic maintenance service. Now, it is time to digitalize the way we communicate with our customers by giving them a smart tool they can use anytime and anywhere – adaptable to their individual lifestyle and time management.

We needed digital tools to communicate and work hand in hand with our customer that adapt to their timetables and fit into their lives.

Two apps with a shared aspiration

Our customers require short and transparent ways of communication and time-efficient options to receive information or contact our service staff. In a time, when anyone is able to track the pizza delivery from the restaurant to the doorstep, customers of high-quality elevator units also want to track the status of their mobility units and write maintenance tickets with the click of a button.

To meet these demands, our teams have developed two independent apps: The MAX Service App offering a global solution and the Seu Elevador App developed specifically for the Brazilian market. Both apps were born out of a shared aspiration: Listening to customers, establishing a common standard around the globe and aiming for a quick response to maintenance and repair requests.

Having been introduced to the Brazilian market in 2017, the Seu Elevador App has already proven its utility and provided a valuable use case for the further development of its global sister: The MAX Service App.

A transparent customer relationship with the click of a button

“The main intention of our customer apps is to provide information and to be transparent with our customer.”, explains Quelen Fernandes da Silva, Commercial Services Analyst at thyssenkrupp Elevator Brazil. “Customers can open a ticket with just one click and write messages to our technicians – providing us with a detailed insight into our customers’ needs.”

Valuable information that can be used to improve service in the most efficient and customer-oriented way. Thanks to the direct messaging feature service technicians can react faster to the needs of individual customers.

In the MAX Service App the customer see the current status of elevator unit status and request repair or maintenance services.

While the Brazilian Seu Elevador App enables more transactions, allows customers to approve spare parts and check the technicians time of arrival, the MAX Service App stands out with an integrated real-time feature.

“MAX is our cloud-based technology that provides 24/7 information about the unit situation and allow us to anticipate to possible failures.”, explains Jorge Sánchez Senior Manager Service at thyssenkrupp Elevator. “In the event of a breakdown, MAX will send an alert to our contact center. Through the MAX Service App the customer will get a notification and can request a repair service by our technicians.”

This makes it much easier for our customers to foresee and plan upcoming maintenance visits. At the same time, the applications allow us to manage service resources economically, improve logistics and eventually save time and money.

A common global standard with one single platform

As thyssenkrupp Elevator maintains units around the world, the development team of the MAX Service App was challenged with many different prerequisites in local markets.

“We needed to move away from several different solutions in different regions and develop one unifying global platform.”, explains Jorge Sánchez. The goal: offer the same means of communication to all customers and uphold a common standard anywhere in the world.

The real-time field operations system VIEW enables proactive measures to keep mobility units safe and reliable.

To do so, the MAX Service App is integrated with our main field management systems, including our global solution VIEW. This enables proactive measures to keep equipment and customer service safe and reliable – by constantly tracking service requests and response times.

This combination of the service apps with both MAX and VIEW is particularly useful to reduce the time we need to solve a problem and shorten the time users will perceive the unit down or even better without even realizing it needed service.