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MAX – our cloud-based maintenance system for maximum efficiency

Who doesn't know the feeling of disappointment when you enter the office building at the last minute only to find out that the elevator is down? Taking the stairs may be healthy but arriving on the 7th floor completely exhausted is not necessarily the perfect start for a day at work. At the same time, buildings keep on getting higher. Cities are expanding and urban population is moving ever closer together. By the end of the century, 70% of the world's population will be living in cities. More people and more traffic lead to a higher demand for effective mobility solutions.

Cloud-based communication: Less downtime and a prolonged lifespan

An elevator that is out of business takes up nerves and valuable time. Therefore, our elevator experts have developed a solution for situations like this: MAX. MAX communicates with our service staff in real-time. The system is cloud-based and provides information about the state of the elevator unit 24/7.

Our MAX specialist Hyun-Shin Cho (Head of Digital Transformation) emphasizes the secure data transfer via MAX: "The data is transferred over a secure mobile network to the cloud, where the data is combined with data from over 120,000 other elevators worldwide, enriched with a variety of other data sources and analyzed to provide meaningful insights for our service technicians and customers".

MAX provides our customers with effective service and real-time maintenance.

Thus, repair demands and potential weak points can be identified immediately. Our service-points are provided with all the necessary information via cloud and our employees can, if necessary, drive straight to the affected elevator unit with the right tools and undertake repair and maintenance work – ideally even before an issue occurs and results in elevator downtime.

That saves time – both spend in transportation and waiting for it. By the way, the elevator is the most frequently used and safest means of transportation in the world. We make it even more reliable – and taking the stairs to the 7th floor optional. With MAX, breakdowns can be prevented or considerably shortened. In addition, the early detection of irregularities extends the service life of our elevator systems and also saves our customers valuable time.

A total of 190 million hours of elevator downtime per year due to malfunctions

More than twelve million elevators in the world transport one billion people each day. Every year, elevators worldwide are down for a total of 190 million hours (or 216 centuries) due to malfunctions and maintenance.

A group of students from Columbia University in the United States found out that New York office workers spent a total of 16.6 years waiting for elevators. This shows the importance of maximum elevator availability. By using MAX, New York office workers get back over eight years of leisure time.

Our service employees arrive with the right spare parts and all the necessary information they need on site – thanks to MAX, our proactive digital assistant.

This data-driven technology can reduce elevator downtime by up to 50 percent. The efficiency of elevator technology and buildings is significantly optimized to keep people moving.

MAX revolutionizes the elevator industry

The combination of cloud technology, big data and machine learning also makes MAX a valuable tool for building owners and property managers. It can determine whether a notification is urgent or whether the necessary action can be scheduled as part of the next regular maintenance appointment. This makes maintenance more efficient. Through machine learning, the maintenance system is also continuously optimized and updated via our remote update function. We can also use these insights for escalators and use MAX there as well. Cho points out the potential in MAX for additional and enhanced functionality: "We will add new features to MAX to enhance the customer experience and make mobility within cities even better.“

This way, we will soon be able to predict the wear of elevator components using intelligent algorithms. Reliable facts about necessary repairs or required spare parts are quickly available and help with early budget planning - this is particularly useful when replacing expensive components such as ropes or doors. Our state-of-the-art maintenance system revolutionizes the elevator industry. Digital maintenance extends the life of urban mobility solutions and saves a significant amount of time, nerves and money. All these will be key criteria for future mobility solutions in growing cities. MAX not only strengthens our business, but our innovations as well.