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HoloLinc - individual solutions for an aging population

Improving the quality of life is one of the biggest blessings of today. Access to better medical care and the population’s growing awareness for a healthy diet and lifestyle contribute significantly to a higher life expectancy. The majority of the older population no longer wants to move to retirement homes. Instead they prefer living their best lives at home – the place they can feel most comfortable.

Helping older customers to maintain their independence

When you ask people what they value most in life, many will say ‘personal freedom’. Independence is indeed one of the key factors for a happy life. A factor that older people, who make up a large part of our population, do not want to miss either.

That’s why more and more senior citizens are willing to invest in top-notch technology in order to stay flexible and improve the quality of life in their own home.

With HoloLinc we can design customized stairlifts that give seniors more mobility and flexibility within their own homes.

How we address these high-quality customers

One area in the house that causes particular problems for seniors is the staircase. However, with many companies offering one-size-fits-all-solutions, there is a lack of easy and smart solutions to individually fit stair lifts in your home. We know that not every house is built the same and we also respect the wishes of our older customers that the stair lifts should fit into the house visually and not be too bulky.

We consider the individual characteristics of private houses when planning and installing our stairlifts.

With our Mixed-Reality device, Microsoft HoloLens, our employees measure the area of our customers’ home where the stair lift is to be installed. In this way, all the necessary information and every contributing factor unique to each customer’s home is considered in the implementation of our stair lifts.

However, HoloLinc is not just a digitalized sales process but a service that enhances our customers’ quality of life. It is also a highly profitable market for our home solutions.