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Hamad International Airport: Top-notch expertise in manufacturing, installation, service, and maintenance from one single source

In today’s globalized world, efficient mobility inside airports has become evermore important to manage the increased flow of passengers traveling the globe. By providing the manufacturing and installation of mobility solutions as well as high-quality service and maintenance from one single source, thyssenkrupp Elevator has proven itself a reliable partner for major airport infrastructure projects around the world.

Among them: Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar, which transported 34.5 million passengers in 2018 alone, making it one of the most important airports in the Middle East. This prestigious customer decided to put its trust in us and in the technical expertise of our airport solutions experts.

We sat down with Jorge Menendez, Regional Director Middle East and Asia Pacific at thyssenkrupp Airport Solutions and discussed the role of thyssenkrupp Elevator at Hamad International Airport and how our colleagues ensure efficiency and smooth transportation at this prestigious airport.

Jorge Menendez, Regional Director Middle East and Asia Pacific at thyssenkrupp Airport Solutions, gave us an insight into the project at Hamad International Airport.

What was the magnitude of work done at Hamad international Airport?

We can really speak of a very big project in the case of Hamad International Airport. Over the past six years, thyssenkrupp Elevator has installed 391 units, including 234 elevators, 105 escalators, and 52 moving walkways at the airport. Additionally, our Airport Solutions business has deployed 89 passenger boarding bridges here, including one VIP boarding bridge that is used exclusively by the Royal Family and senior government officials.

Currently, we have 425 employees working in Doha to maintain our mobility solutions and about 500 aircraft support units, ground power units, and pre-conditioned air units that supply the aircraft with electricity and fresh air once it’s parked.

thyssenkrupp Elevator was selected to enhance mobility at Hamad International Airport, offering supreme maintenance service for passenger boarding bridges and mobility units on-site.

Why did the customer trust thyssenkrupp Elevator for this major project?

We at thyssenkrupp Elevator already had experience with projects of a similar magnitude at airports in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Jeddah, and Istanbul. This experience and our know-how were the reasons why our customer chose our products and the service that comes with them.

We have just signed a new service contract with Hamad International Airport, which will run for another ten years from 2019, and this is the result of the hard work of our teams in Doha. When our previous contract with the airport was near its end, it engaged in further negotiations with us, and only us – not looking for another partner or a competitor. The support we provided – the know-how as well as the proactive attitude of our staff – was what gained our customer’s trust in the end.

thyssenkrupp Elevator’s experts at Hamad International Airport ensure mobility, safety, and maintenance on-site.

What are the benefits of working with thyssenkrupp Elevator on a project of this magnitude?

The benefits of working with thyssenkrupp Elevator can be summed up as follows: innovative products and the best possible maintenance service provided by the manufacturing company itself.

We set out the benefits of a long-term partnership to our customer. A long-lasting relationship will allow us to invest in innovations. These innovations will in turn be more efficient – both in performance and cost – in the long run. Our customer at Hamad International Airport seized the opportunity to be able to reduce costs and have us as a dependable partner on-site 24/7.

What sets thyssenkrupp Elevator apart from competitors in the airport solutions industry?

The best qualities we offer are our professionalism and technical know-how. We are the manufacturer, so nobody is better than us to maintain the equipment. This is unique within the airport solutions industry, both in terms of the products and also the service and maintenance. The result is that our units have the highest system availability in the world at 99.79%.

Passenger boarding bridges are a dynamic solution to transport passengers safely on and off the aircraft.

A high system availability means that our mobility solutions face less downtimes and run smoothly. At the moment, no other company in the world can provide the same level of system availability. This makes us extremely proud and our customers happy and satisfied with thyssenkrupp Elevator’s products and services.

Why does thyssenkrupp Elevator focus on long-term projects such as Hamad International Airport? What benefits do they have on the business?

Long-term contracts and customer relationships improve the value and stability of our business. Especially when a reputable client like Hamad International Airport puts its trust in us over many years – even decades. Projects like this add a significant amount of resilience and security to thyssenkrupp Elevator. That is why we keep on aiming for long-lasting customer relationships in every project we tackle instead of short-term gain.

The service contract at Hamad International Airport is a very important contract for thyssenkrupp Elevator, with a comprehensive operation and maintenance package that will continue to reduce connecting times for a large number of passengers by keeping elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and boarding bridges running 24/7.

To date, we are the only company on the market that offers this unique combination of manufacturing, installation, and service and maintenance of airport solutions from one single source. The very reason why prestigious customers put their trust in us. After all, who could offer better service for a product than those who manufacture it?