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compact and practical

With its compact size, enta200 is a machine room-less elevator that is suited for low-rise buildings, such as high-end residential and mid-end commercial buildings. It offers stylish and practical car interior designs to give its passengers a comfortable ride.

Technical specs at a glance

  • 40 m

    Travel height

  • 1.5 m/s

    Maximum speed

  • 1,200 kg

    Maximum capacity


Perfect for the following applications

Key benefits

enta200 key benefits
Earthquake detector

It detects earthquakes faster than disaster-safety texts to ensure safe escape.

Design leadership

From Korean traditional lacquer to new materials incorporating advanced processing techniques, we are leaders in creating unique designs for your building.

LED Signal

The LED light on the floor helps passenger boarding safely

enta200 offers 6 inspiring designs

6 inspring design concepts

What makes enta200 stands from the rest

Our LED hall sill provides an easier boarding experience.

When the elevator arrives, the lignt will blink until the door closes again. Convenient for distracted passengers on their smartphones!

Give a sense of movement and provide a stylish experience

A premium high quality LCD that annimates, will make your building stand-out.

Our control pannel features a gorgeous LCD screen. When the elevator travels up or down, the screen will display an animation following the movement.

This will reassure passengers by giving them a sense of movements.

Download our drawings

enta200 - pdf l dwg

320kg .pdf .dwg
450kg .pdf .dwg
550kg .pdf .dwg
630kg .pdf .dwg
680kg .pdf .dwg
750kg .pdf .dwg
900kg .pdf .dwg
1000kg Wide .pdf .dwg
1000kg deep .pdf .dwg

※ Due to the revision of the elevator safety management law, buildings that have been approved for building on or after March 28, 2019 may have different elevator specifications.
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