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thyssenkrupp Elevator wins Elevator World’s ‘2021 Project of the Year’ award for mechanical ramps of Gran Via in Vigo, Spain

Jan 14, 2021

The international magazine Elevator World has awarded thyssenkrupp Elevator the prestigious International ‘Project of the Year’ prize for the company’s mechanical ramp project carried out on the Gran Via de Vigo, Spain. The project won the first place in the category of moving walks.

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Cozy holidays at home

Dec 22, 2020

The holiday season is upon us and many are wondering how they’ll celebrate. Winter is a time of cozy indoor gatherings, but sometimes that’s just not possible. URBAN HUB looks at some tips on creating a warm holiday spirit and still connecting when get-togethers are not possible.


thyssenkrupp Elevator with promising start as independent elevator company

Dec 16, 2020

Despite the impact of the global corona pandemic, thyssenkrupp Elevator has demonstrated its fundamental resilience. Due to its strong focus on its stable services business driven by the digital transformation, the company’s global footprint, a dedicated management team and a highly motivated employee workforce, the firm has found ways to continue working under difficult conditions – ensuring ongoing mobility in buildings, especially for crucial infrastructures such as health facilities and public buildings.


MAX in every new elevator and escalator: thyssenkrupp Elevator is expanding its digital platform MAX

Dec 10, 2020

thyssenkrupp Elevator integrates its cloud-based digital platform MAX into all kinds of new elevator and escalator systems. With this significant step towards digitalization of its products and services, the company drives the industry by making digitally enhanced products and services the new normal – increasing service quality, creating transparency and giving customers a peace of mind.


thyssenkrupp Elevator recognized as global leader in climate protection by CDP

Dec 8, 2020

thyssenkrupp Elevator has been recognized for leadership in corporate sustainability by global environmental non-profit CDP. The organization placed thyssenkrupp Elevator on its prestigious ‘A List’ for tackling climate change. Therewith, the company was recognized for its actions to cut emissions, mitigate climate risks and develop the low-carbon economy.

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Digital Transformation Elevator Services

Dec 3, 2020

How is the elevator industry changing and what can we expect in the near future? Jon Clarine, Head of Digital Services, thyssenkrupp Elevator North America knows and is excited. URBAN HUB talks to him about how digitization transforms services and opens new doors in the elevator industry.


thyssenkrupp Elevator acquires full stake in Braun ThyssenKrupp, LLC

Dec 1, 2020

thyssenkrupp Elevator has acquired a full stake in its joint venture partner in the US, Braun ThyssenKrupp Elevator, LLC. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Sixty-eight employees work at Braun ThyssenKrupp Elevator across its two Wisconsin locations in the Madison and Milwaukee areas.

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Innovation and safety united

Nov 16, 2020

From buildings to escalators and even buttons, the world is changing its approach to the design of anything used by the general public – with a new aspect of health and safety in mind. Even when Covid-19 is long gone, these product innovations will continue safeguarding public health and safety.

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New building in Scandinavia

Nov 13, 2020

Scandinavia continues to raise the bar on modern, sustainable buildings that boost the quality of life across cities in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. URBAN HUB takes a look at some of the most inspiring buildings and facilities that merge evocative design with innovative, reliable mobility solutions.


Breakthrough for building design:

Nov 4, 2020

DigiPara’s automatic BIM-creation enables early integration of ropeless mobility solution MULTI by thyssenkrupp Elevator


Smart services and technology get cities moving

Sep 9, 2020

As urban population numbers steadily climb, urban mobility solutions need to keep up. Predictive maintenance solutions – like MAX for elevators and escalators – lead the way in transporting building services into the digital age, forming a cornerstone of a wider urban mobility ecosystem.

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Latin America's smart buildings

Sep 2, 2020

Smart technology is here to stay in Latin America – and the building sector is just one area where this is increasingly evident. URBAN HUB looks at some intelligent new buildings in a time of massive urbanization in Latin America.


Touchless mobility

Aug 20, 2020

Our development teams in Spain designed two digital solutions that allow elevators to be controlled via QR codes.


Equipment for safe and efficient passenger travel

Aug 12, 2020

thyssenkrupp Elevator expands airport activities in Latin America by delivering reliable equipment for safe and efficient passenger travel


On its own wavelength

Aug 12, 2020

5G data transmission is regarded as the foundation for the next generation of digital technologies. Now the ropeless MULTI elevator on the elevator test tower can use its own frequency range of the data standard


A new chapter – a new Headquarters

Aug 12, 2020

The decision has been made. To mark the beginning of a new chapter in its history, thyssenkrupp Elevator will move from the Quartier in Essen to a new location in Düsseldorf.

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Open for everyone: accessibility to buildings and public transportation

Jul 27, 2020

As urban populations continue to boom, the importance of ensuring all residents have equal access to transportation and public services has never been greater. URBAN HUB finds out what measures typically create easy accessibility for residents with low mobility and what new solutions are out there.


MULTI ensures social distancing while maintaining high passenger throughput

Jul 9, 2020

COVID-19 is not only challenging the medical field, it is affecting every sector of business and nearly every aspect of our daily lives. With social distancing rules put in place around the globe, it also impacts our use of elevators.

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Greener vehicle fleets for cleaner air, smaller carbon footprints

Jul 3, 2020

Companies with large vehicle fleets can make a substantial contribution to cleaner air – especially in cities – by investing in green vehicles, such as electric and hybrid cars. Maintenance, service, transport, and sales vehicles can all become cleaner and greener.


Urban Planning and Building and Public Health

Jun 10, 2020

How will sustainable practices protect the environment and how will the changes needed to guard public health complement or contradict each other? Cities will especially grapple with this question, as urban planners adapt infrastructures and building guidelines to continue to be environmentally friendly but also promote practices that save lives. Some solutions may enable both in the future.

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Construction in Moscow: an insider’s look at a city on the rise

May 28, 2020

Moscow has seen a lot of construction since the turn of the 21st century – and much of that construction has been tall. Urban Hub reviews some of the most interesting construction projects and offers some insight from a local expert who has watched the construction boom since the beginning.

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Modernizing historic buildings: Smith Tower in Seattle

Apr 23, 2020

Fixing up the old doesn’t grab the headlines as much as bold, new architecture. Smith Tower in Seattle changes that. The historic details were preserved, and technology installed to give the tower a LEED Gold certification. URBAN HUB talks building modernization and sustainability with Steve Vining.

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Epic projects, short videos

Mar 31, 2020

Short videos, especially timelapse videos, offer a great way to get an impression of the vast scope of large construction projects. Urban Hub presents some incredible, yet short videos of tall towers and large-scale construction projects.

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Barcelona chooses smart mobility

Mar 26, 2020

Barcelona is famous as a smart city and a technology hub. That’s no accident. When Barcelona was in deep economic trouble not so long ago, it took a bold vision, inspired planning, and solid execution to transform the city. New smart mobility solutions are helping to solidify that success.

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Urban projects in Chicago

Mar 18, 2020

From the Burnham Plan to the reversal of the Chicago River, Chicago projects have always been impressive. Today, the Windy City’s legacy of innovation continues with projects like the expansion of O’Hare International Airport, the Lincoln Yards, and “The 78”.

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Moving walkways in cities

Mar 9, 2020

Moving walkways once graced World Fairs as futuristic solutions for cities, but focus shifted to moving up and down as skyscrapers got taller. Now as urban populations boom, planners need to address moving people through the city. Could the moving walkway be part of the solution? URBAN HUB finds out.

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5G for smart cities

Mar 5, 2020

5G networks are already up and running in several cities. Soon, much of the world will be connected to this new standard in mobile telecommunications. 5G will provide a quantum leap in connectivity that radically expands and improves consumer choices, business opportunities, and city services.


Comments on the Elevator sale

Feb 27, 2020

The most important questions on the sale of the Elevator business answered by Martina Merz, CEO of thyssenkrupp AG, Peter Walker, CEO of thyssenkrupp Elevator, and for the acquiring consortium Ranjan Sen, Managing Partner, Advent International, and Bruno Schick, Partner and Head of DACH region, Cinven.


Innovative products meet impeccable service

Feb 25, 2020

From the first to the 102nd floor in 60 seconds. Our high-speed elevators transport 14,000 people each day to the platform of America’s tallest building: the One World Trade Center.


Hamad International Airport

Feb 21, 2020

Top-notch expertise in manufacturing, installation, service, and maintenance from one single source


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