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Trusted Elevator solution.

Our Synergy1000 has been specially engineered with the needs of residential buildings in India in mind. Its design flexibility will ensure a perfect fit to your building, and the appealing aesthetics will brighten up your building.

And because it is a thyssenkrupp, you are sure to get a solution that is safe, and reliable.

Technical specs at a glance

  • 80 m

    Travel height

  • 1.75 m/s

    Maximum speed

  • 1,020 kg

    Maximum capacity


Perfect for the following applications

Key benefits

Synergy1000 key benefits
Design flexibility

With Synergy1000, you decide if you want to have a machine-room solution or not.

Eco efficient PMS traction machine.

Our Green, environment friendly PMS traction machine is a compact, lightweight, gearless machine with greater energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Inverter

High performance inverter with PWM converter increases energy efficiency and makes it an eco-friendly product.

Efficient lighting

Long lasting Energy efficient LED Lights with auto switch-off option.

Appealing Aesthetics

Synergy1000 offers a palette of attractive colours and vibrant hues, elegant and striking stainless steel finishes and options of varied cabin finishes to match the building's ambience.

LED lights induce soft lighting to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The square, round and central light panels enhances the car ambience.

Modern style and vibrant colours to give a fresh touch to your building.

Soft and relaxing colours, for a comfortable interior.

Stainless steel finishes and modern patterns for a smart look.

Original mirror patterns and stainless steel for an original design.