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evolution classic,

Simply efficient.

Our evolution classic is a compact, machine room-less elevator.

Durable and quick to install, it delivers outstanding value throughout the building lifecycle with world class, customer-focused service.

Technical specs at a glance

  • 110 m

    Travel height

  • 2.0 m/s

    Maximum speed

  • 1,275 kg

    Maximum capacity

evolution classic

Perfect for the following applications

Key benefits

Evolution Classic key benefits
Compact solution

By removing the need of a machine-room, our Evolution Classic allows you to maximize your building height.

Brightens up your building

With our functional car interior designs, our Evolution Classic will brighten up your building.

Maximized car size

With a large cabin size and a 2300mm height ceiling, the transport of passengers, wheelchair users and large furniture becomes easy!

Accessible controls

Controls and displays are accessible to all users with Braille buttons, clear visuals and in-car synthetized announcements.

Faster completion

The evolution classic streamlines the best features of thyssenkrupp’s proven Evolution” MRL systems into a standard package capable of rapid completion. The process time from order to handover is significantly reduced.

Fast drawing delivery

With standardised dimension, the drawings are delivered quickly after order, enabling an early start on building construction.

Ensure a smooth installation

Our team sets up clear requirements and conducts a core building analysis before the beginning of the installation, to minimise the risk of on-site delays.

Short installation cycle

We optimized all the steps of our installation process to ensure it does not impact the critical path of the overall building plan. Preparation and installation is simplified by sequential packaging and scaffold-less installation methodology.