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evolution blue elevator
Sophisticated. Flexible. Efficient.

Thanks to its forward-thinking design and best-in-class technology, our evolution blue passenger elevator is both a trendsetter and a giant step ahead. Whether you're installing a new system or modernising an existing one, it fits your building's shaft perfectly – right down to the millimetre. From luxury condos and hotels to hospitals, airports and malls, evolution blue is sure to exceed your expectations.

Its advanced, modular design concept features thousands of combinations of colours and materials that you can interchange and adapt to your specific vision and needs. Let your creativity flow!

evolution blue. Designed for top performance.

Technical specs at a glance

  • 100 m

    Travel height

  • 2.5 m/s

    Maximum speed

  • 4,000 kg

    Maximum capacity

Key benefits

evolution blue key benefits
Enhanced safety

Our absolute positioning device eliminates trip hazards while reducing installation times and boosting availability.

Up to 69% more efficient use of space

An intelligent space-saving precision design, including a significantly reduced shaft head and pit, are your guarantee of superior flexibility and fit.

40% lower energy consumption and costs (travelling)

Energy regeneration during travelling delivers Class A energy efficiency.

86% lower energy consumption and costs (standby mode)

Excellent power management reduces CO2 emissions and prolongs components’ service life.

Unrivalled quality and ride comfort

German design and manufacturing include advanced technologies and the highest quality materials for greater reliability and passenger satisfaction.

Reduced total cost of ownership

Excellent shaft efficiency, longer service life of components and reduced maintenance requirements ensure lower total cost of ownership.

Rapid installation

Thanks to our scaffoldless installation technique, your elevator is installed, tested for ride quality and ready to go in less time.

Optimal accessibility

Compliance with EN 81-70 and a bright cabin interior ensure optimal accessibility for people with disabilities.

Quiet operation

Our advanced control system reduces cabin and switching noise, making the elevator quieter than a whisper in adjoining rooms.

Reduced operating costs and enhanced sustainability

Innovative and environmentally friendly technologies ensure a sound and sustainable return on your investment.


With its three design lines, the sophisticated, highly flexible evolution blue passenger elevator gives you an unprecedented range of creative possibilities. You're free to select colours, forms and materials in almost any combination. And that's not all – our specialists also build cabins tailored to your specific requirements.

  • A wide array of materials and colours for total freedom of design
  • Exchangeable bespoke wall elements
  • High-class, durable and environmentally friendly materials
  • Clean, modern lines and trendsetting lighting
  • An infinite choice of top-quality materials and colours
  • Exciting lighting effects through dynamic RGB LEDs and indirect lighting
  • Textured surfaces for a lush tactile experience
  • A fascinating blend of classic and futuristic elements
  • A luxurious and prestigious look
  • Mood lighting with indirect, dynamic RGB LEDs
  • Structured surfaces for a feeling of exclusivity


Thanks to its intelligent, future-oriented technology, evolution blue sets a new standard in elevator functionality and uncompromising quality.


Your advantages at a glance

Your advantages at a glance
  • Innovative technology makes optimum use of available space
  • Adjustments by the millimetre for highest flexiblity
  • Durable, future-proof components and high-performance systems
  • Intelligent technologies - easy on your budget and on the environment

E.COR controller

Well-designed from every angle: from components to costs.

The intelligent E.COR controller is the core element of evolution blue and provides many benefits. The most significant one: energy and cost savings are programmed right into the system. By using energy recovery when the cabin is descending, or the elevator is braking, E.COR puts energy back into the system to be used for other functions such as air-conditioning and lighting.

As a software-based solution, E.COR guarantees a high level of operating security. Rare problems with the elevator are detected long before they can result in any kind of malfunction. E.COR informs you about the current status of your elevator and reminds you when the next maintenance check is due.

E.COR adjusts to the way the elevator is used which keeps waiting and travel times to a minimum. By automatically shifting into high-speed mode during periods of heavy use, and then into eco mode when the elevator is used infrequently, the system makes optimal use of quiet and busy phases in your building.

Car entrance

CW = car width
CD = car depth
CH = car height
SW = shaft width
SP = shaft pit
SH = shaft head
SD = shaft depth
DW = door width
DH = door height

Shaft efficiency

A perfect fit that also saves space

  • Optimum use of space thanks to modular component system
  • Shaft head reduced by up to 13%, pit reduced by up to 72%
  • Powerful performance in terms of speed, height and nominal load
  • Ideal for modernisation

evolution blue looks to the future while offering optimal flexibility today. With its modular, intelligently designed components and the optional minimisation of the shaft head and pit, it uses very little room and can be adapted to perfectly fit your existing building’s environment. It uses space so efficiently that a 1,000 kg ISO shaft can run a 1,125 kg cabin, or a 1,000 kg cabin can fit into a smaller shaft. It’s easy to see why evolution blue is an ideal choice for every architect and building owner.

evolution blue references

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Mercedes-Benz Museum

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thyssenkrupp Quartier, Essen, Germany

thyssenkrupp Quartier

Essen, Germany

Prisma, Frankfurt a.M., Germany


Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Railway station, Leipzig

Railway station

Leipzig, Germany

Crane Buildings, Cologne, Germany

Crane Buildings

Cologne, Germany