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Because time and safety are paramount

Imagine you’re designing a production plant for dangerous chemicals that requires spark- and explosion-proof elevators, escalators and hydraulic or vehicle lifts. At thyssenkrupp Elevator, we’ve gained global experience in supplying customised freight and passenger solutions for all types of chemical and power plants, hydro-electric dams and other specialty industrial installations.

In any production plant, time is money and safety is paramount. Our custom-made, robust and heavy-capacity industrial systems deliver on both counts. They’re fit-for-purpose with different types of protection, including dust, explosion and splash proofing as well as special marine adaptations.

High system reliability and durability ensure our solutions’ smooth operation and long service life. They’re also your guarantee that your investment in our industry-leading mobility solutions pays off quickly. Our service professionals take pride in maintaining your investment’s value.

And when your production processes change or you need to replace an outdated component or implement a specific safety retrofit, rest assured – our flexible and intelligent modernisation options will measure up.

Our products for industrial applications


evolution BLUE

evolution® BLUE - passenger elevator

The super-flexible elevator system for high loads and conveyance heights

With its forward-thinking design concept and best-in-class technology, evolution BLUE is not only a trendsetter, it's a step ahead of the future.

Whether you're installing a new system or modernising an existing one, evolution BLUE perfectly fits your building's shaft – down to the millimetre – and fulfils your every wish in terms of design. Our advanced, modular concept features over 7000 possible combinations of colours and materials that can be easily exchanged and adapted to your specific needs.

  • Travel distance: 100m
  • Maximum speed: 2.5 m/s
  • Maximum capacity: 4,000 kg

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