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Spare Parts

Keeping your assets operational

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thyssenkrupp Airport Solutions offers a wide range of spare parts for passenger boarding bridges and any other GSE around the globe. Our specialists are available to support you.

Through our Customer Service Center (CSC) – Your single point of contact - we are able to offer quick and easy access to OEM spare parts providing airports with more efficient support. For safety and reliability we only supply brand new spare parts to ensure that your assets meet highest standards when it comes to lifetime operations, quality and maximal availability.

We have a dedicated team of experts who will take care of the entire process of your spare parts request, offering you the right solution and ensuring components are delivered to any location worldwide in a timely manner. This single point of contact offers an efficient and agile solution to your needs. We are here to assist you.

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Find your spare parts for your Passenger Boarding Bridge

F2 Rotunda
F3 Tunnels
F3 Electric closet
F4 Cabin
F5 Hydraulic unit
F6 Drive unit
F7 Service stairs

F2 Rotunda

Angle measuring device

Limit switch

Slope limit switch


F3 Tunnels

Anticollision system sensor

Anticrushing protection sensor

Engine Protection System (EPS) sensor

Extend / retract limit switch

Exterior working lights

Transformer for gutters

Thermostat for heated floor

Length measuring device

Height measuring device

Motion sensor

Video camera

Tunnel safety brake (TSB) limit switch

Tunnel telescoping system rollers

F3 Electric closet

Electric cabinet

F4 Cabin

Aircraft contact sensors

Aircraft detection photocell

Anticollision system sensor

Autolevelling arm

Bridgehead angle measuring device

Bridgehead safety brake (BSB) sensor

Bridgehead front door


Canopy components

Control panel components

Levelling floor components

Bridgehead motor

LED lights

Bridgehead turn bearings

Bridgehead turn chain

Safety shoe


F5 Hydraulic unit

Crossbeam siren

Sliding plates

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic unit components

F6 Drive unit

Drive unit turn bearings

Drive unit bumper

Drive unit turn sensors



F7 Service stairs

Service stair wheels

EPS (Engine protection system) sensor

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