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Apron Drive: Maximum flexibility

Maximum docking flexibility

The AD’s free movement on telescopic, elevation and rotation axes delivers maximum docking flexibility while taking up minimal apron space. Our two- and three-tunnel models, featuring customizable steel, glazed glass or steel-and-glass walls, make boarding and disembarking a breeze.

Key benefits

Apron Drive - PBB

Highly adaptable

Tailored for the world’s largest passenger aircraft, our AD boarding bridges accommodate all A-380 docking scenarios as well as commuter, low rider and VIP applications. We’ve installed over 350 stands to serve A380 bridges around the globe, meeting specific design and architecture requirements.

Apron Drive PBB

Easy operation

An ergonomic operator control panel ensures easy bridge operation while the hydraulic elevation system enables extremely smooth adjustments.

Apron Drive - PBB

Full aircraft type capability

Our AD bridges handle the full range of category C to F aircraft, including the A380.

Design of Apron Drive
Shutter slats

Available in a wide range of materials such as galvanized, stainless steel and aluminum, they can be painted to match the bridge exterior.

Tunnel walls

Glass walls consist of a diagonal steel tube profile frame with side walls of glass panes. thyssenkrupp bridges could be fitted with single template, NFPA 415 or even bulletproof glass. Other options include different glass tint colors. Glass PBB truss, could be with one diagonal steel tube or with 2 cross section rods “X”.

Steel wall sections are manufactured from galvanized steel panels which are formed, spot welded, sandblasted, metallized, painted and sealed to form the tunnel enclosure. Options include different coating colors.

Front closure

To increase safety and operator vision whilst maneuvering the PBB, various options such as sequential, folding or glazed doors are available.

Leveling floors

These can be adapted to most aircraft types. The coverings are highly customizable and provide a non-slip tread. Options include different finishes, colors and non-slip grading.

Safety barriers

Different levels of protection are available which increase safety on the apron.


This safety break avoids uncontrolled movements of the bridgehead in case of breakage of the rotation chain. This device increases the safety level of the Standard Bridgehead Rotation System and meets the EN 12312-4 requirements.

Tunnel Safety Brake (patented system).

This new safety device prevents any uncontrolled movements of the intermediate tunnel. In case any synchronizing cables fail, the TSB will instantly withhold tunnel B and block the bridge movements. This system is a key feature for every three-tunnel bridge, enhancing safety and preventing material and personal damages.

Floor coverings

The coverings are highly customizable and provide a non-slip tread. Options include various finishes, colors and non-slip grading.

* We reserve the right to make technical modifications to our products at any time and exclude all liability. Shown thresholds depend on configuration details and may vary in individual cases. Availability of options and features also depends on individual configurations. Illustrations provide a general understanding and may differ from the actual design.