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sustainable efficiency – our way

Sustainability is a long word. Only by translating it into concrete action can we build and safeguard the foundations of our society. thyssenkrupp Elevator has long pursued a sustainable business policy. With sustainable efficiency we have created a program that puts our worldwide efforts on a global platform. Sustainable efficiency brings everything we do into line with the needs of people, the environment and business.

Sustainable efficiency permeates every level of our corporate culture. Eco-conscious products, resource-friendly production processes, energy-saving projects, forward-looking training for our employees, social commitment in the communities in which we operate – at thyssenkrupp Elevator sustainability has many faces.

Sustainable efficiency means consistent and far-sighted environmental management. Our processes are systematically reviewed and will be reported according to the standards of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Our goal is to ensure that all our equipment, components, processes and services meet the highest environmental standards – along the entire value chain.