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synergy element elevator
Functional, efficient and competitive

synergy element is the perfect solution for small residential buildings with up to 11 stops. Its compact new car design, proven functionality and efficient installation deliver an outstanding price-performance ratio.

synergy element. Guaranteed performance at the right price.

Technical specs at a glance

  • 30 m

    Travel height

  • 1.0 m/s

    Maximum speed

  • 630 kg

    Maximum capacity

synergy element

Perfect for the following applications

Key benefits

synergy BLUE Advantages
Enhanced safety

Our synergy elevators meet the additional and more stringent elevator safety requirements of the new EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 standards, enabling you to consistently put your tenants’ well-being first.

High reliability

Proven components, high-quality construction and materials make synergy element the dependable residential passenger transportation solution, operating at 1.0 metres per second.

Energy efficiency

Components such as gearless drive technology, along with long-lasting LED lighting and an optional sleep mode for electronic devices, deliver Class A energy efficiency.

Excellent comfort and accessibility

In addition to synergy element’s smooth ride, low noise levels and precise stops, an optional EN 81-70-compliant model ensures optimal accessibility for people with disabilities.

Timeless design

Available in three standard car sizes, synergy element offers timeless, clean designs featuring tough materials for long-lasting good looks.

Rapid delivery and installation

A rigorous modular structure, standardised options and scaffoldless installation translate into short delivery and installation times.


synergy element’s pure, timeless design and standardised decorations create an attractively simple and affordable elevator. Choose between a contemporary skinplate design line or classic stainless steel. All finishes are made to last. Glass or stainless steel operating and indicator panels complete synergy element’s appealing design.

synergy element

Cabin and landing fixtures

The Moon operating panel combines functionality, quality and easy maintenance with its consciously minimalist design, available in stainless steel or white tempered glass. The landing indicators display both the floor and direction of the elevator's next stop.

synergy element spot ceiling


The white ceiling enhances the light from the four LED spot lights, providing uniform and comfortable lighting.

synergy element floor and skinplate panels


Hard-wearing, easy-to-clean vinyl in a choice of three colours. You also have the option to supply your own flooring.