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Trade press, 2003-03-20, 12:00 AM

TWIN - Two cars. One shaft. One quantum leap.

ThyssenKrupp Aufzüge turns the vision into an innovation

For the past few weeks a new kind of elevator has been used successfully in the University building in the heart of Stuttgart. TWIN is what the manufacturer, ThyssenKrupp Aufzugswerke GmbH in Neuhausen, calls this system, which has two cars that are arranged one upon the other in a single shaft while using the same track independently. Advantages: Higher lift capacity and less construction volume or additional usage space. Example: Taking a group of four conventional elevators - that is one elevator per shaft - with this new solution 40% more people can travel or 25% less construction volume is needed.

Prior to the modernization of the lifts, a group of six from the sixties, the system could no longer support the hustle and bustle in the building. Another elevator shaft could not be installed due to a lack of space and the related costs. Without any major renovation work, the university of Stuttgart now has seven elevator cars and crowds of people in front of the elevators during rush-hour have become a thing of the past. The technical inspection authority (TÜV Germany) gave its seal of approval to the pilot system in December. There are no objections to worldwide marketing any longer. "We are proud that this revolutionary elevator system was used and tested for the first time at our university", say Stuttgart University and the University Construction Authorities in Stuttgart and Hohenheim.

This new technology works as follows: Two cars using the same tracks are arranged one upon the other in one shaft. The two cars of the TWIN system are not connected with each other and can drive independently to levels that are one upon the other. Each elevator has its own traction sheave drive and its own counterweight. The TWIN system requires the use of the DSC (Destination Selection Control) made by ThyssenKrupp Aufzüge, which intelligently assigns the calls. To control the "ups and downs", a newly developed four-step safety concept prevents a collision of the two cars. During the first step, the destination selection control gives drive commands, so that the cars do not hinder each other. During the second step, the minimum clearances between the two cars are monitored: When the two cars approach each other, the speed is reduced to assure the ability to stop operations at any time, without having to exceed the minimum required safety clearance. If the minimum safety clearance is exceeded due to a failure of safety steps 1 and 2, the activation of the emergency brake during step 3 brings the elevator to a halt. The last step will release the safety gear.

The TWIN is suitable for buildings with a travel height of more than 50 meters, for modernization of existing systems, as with the Stuttgart University, and also new systems. The TWIN increases the lift capacity for existing shafts by 40%. Elevator shafts in older buildings can be utilized for other uses, for example the installation of technology in the building (climate technology, wiring, etc.), whereby the lift capacity will be maintained. With new constructions, construction volume can be saved and the available usage space (rental space) can be increased because of the omission of an elevator shaft.

TWIN - a revolutionary elevator system, but not an entirely new idea. The first patent for an elevator with two cars in one shaft was registered in the year 1931 but it was never produced. ThyssenKrupp Aufzüge is the first company worldwide that has made this vision a reality. Stuttgart University had provided the building and the elevator shaft for the installation and testing of the TWIN in agreement with the University Construction Authority for Stuttgart and Hohenheim.

<small>ThyssenKrupp Aufzüge GmbH is a subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG. ThyssenKrupp Elevator is the third largest elevator company in the world, with activities in over 60 countries at more than 800 locations. ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG has some 29.000 employees and achieved sales of approx. 3.5 billion euros in fiscal 2001/2002 (year ended Sept. 30, 2002). The company`s products include passenger and freight elevators, escalators and moving walks, stair and platform lifts, and passenger boarding bridges plus top quality service for the entire range.</small>

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