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Your career at thyssenkrupp Elevator

We employ 50,000 people working at 1,000 locations in 65 countries, with opportunities to learn and grow around the world.

From the world’s most iconic structures and busiest airports and metros, to the most luxurious hotels and trendy shopping centers, we shape the way people move inside buildings and across cities. Our game-changing, intelligent and green mobility solutions make urban environments around the globe the best ever places to live.

thyssenkrupp Elevator employs 50,000 people working at 1,000 locations in 65 countries, with opportunities to learn and grow around the world. We’re also part of the larger thyssenkrupp AG Group which means your opportunities just increased three-fold.

Elevator service packages

No matter the type of building, system or number of elevators, we have a service solution adapted to your needs, ensuring your elevators’ optimal performance at all times.

Discover our made-to-measure maintenance contracts.

Basic maintenance Compact maintenance Full-service maintenance
Inspection and visual inspection #25cf #25cf #25cf
Testing all safety components #25cf #25cf #25cf
Consumables #25cf #25cf #25cf
Setting and adjusting #25cf #25cf #25cf
Cleaning any components soiled by operation #25cf #25cf #25cf
Consumables and cleaning agents including disposal #25cf #25cf
Signal and acknowledgement lights #25cf #25cf
Provision of fitters for main inspection #25cf #25cf
Experts' fees #25cf #25cf
Test equipment weights / electronic testing system #25cf #25cf
Release of passengers trapped in cabin #25cf #25cf
Maintenance of worn parts #25cf
Delivery and fitting of replacement parts #25cf
Troubleshooting 8:30 – 17:00, Monday to Friday #25cf
Rope replacement #25cf
Hydraulic oil change and disposal #25cf
Component maintenance #25cf

Escalators and moving walks

Installation-specific requirements play a much greater role in effective maintenance and repairs for escalators and moving walks than for elevators. We offer individualised service concepts, fast and reliable replacement part delivery, cost transparency and budget security.

Should your needs exceed the scope of a regular maintenance plan, we’ll create a customised escalator service offering, whether for a shopping centre’s system or an entire city’s public transport network.

Expert service for all makes

Our service technicians receive continuous training from industry experts at our escalator factory in Hamburg, Germany. Thanks to this comprehensive training programme, our technicians are among the best at servicing escalators of any make.

Tailor-made service solutions

Whether for shopping centres, exhibition halls, airports or railway stations, our made-to-measure service concepts ensure a consistently high standard of performance. You’re guaranteed the optimal solution for any type of building or system, and any number of escalators.

Other products

Besides elevators, escalators and moving walks, we offer services for many other products, such as passenger boarding bridges (jetways), lifting and loading platforms, stair lifts and hoists.

A place where you can thrive

If you want to grow and work with people who are passionate about transforming an industry that helps solve the challenges of global urbanization, we’d like to meet you. If you can help us design, deliver and maintain passenger transportation systems that advance urban mobility, you’ve come to the right place. And if you thrive in an environment that promotes respect, tolerance and diversity, look no further.

Watch our video to see how exciting it is to transform an industry with us.

career: a place where you can learn

A place where you can learn

Our unique in-house training platform is our way of enabling you to continue to learn while ensuring we provide our customers with the best resources and talent. From 12 international locations, our global seed campus delivers ongoing needs-based training for employees around the world.

MULTI | thyssenkrupp Elevator Technology - career

One of the world’s smartest companies – really!

thyssenkrupp Elevator is a socially responsible employer and an eco-conscious provider of next-generation mobility products and services. And we’re continually pushing the envelope to reinvent our industry. Most recently, we delivered an elevator that moves both vertically and horizontally. The MULTI helped earn us a spot on MIT Technology Review’s list of the 50 Smartest Companies.

And then there’s MAX, another example of how our innovations are shaping the industry. MAX is the elevator industry’s first real-time, cloud-based predictive maintenance solution. This intelligent, machine learning Internet of Things (IoT) solution is set to take elevator availability, reliability and efficiency to new heights.

Join us and together let’s show the world just how smart we can be.

Learn more about your career at thyssenkrupp or apply directly for a job.